Led Drivers

LED drivers 36-54 and 6-18 Output Watts are available on our site. You can check the LED drivers and get detailed information.


Technical İnformation

PRODUCT CODE Output Wattage Output Volts Output Amps Price
YL89-0618 6-18 W DC 24-60 V DC 240mA 2,85$
YL89-0036 36 W DC 45-65 V DC 240mA/600mA 11,25$
YL89-0048 48W DC 72-84V DC 600mA 11,25$
YL89-0054 54W DC 72-84V DC 350mA/600mA 11,25$
YL89-0064 64W DC 72-84V DC 600mA 14,00$

(Emergency Lighting Kit)

3-54W DC 3-7V DC 2400mA 23,00$