In the category of rustic led bulb, there are many options such as apple, cone, apricot, sharp apple, flat diamond, rod, bruised, curled, candle, A60 and pear. You can think of all of these options as decorative in your architecture and preference to use in all your projects.

Rustic LED varieties commonly used in the market consist of apples, rods, candles, A60 and pear options. Some people use a single option, others want a mixed image. You can immediately see these top selling products as you drag your mouse down.

All products are our own production or imports. Our products are guaranteed under NOAS brand for 2 years and have international CE certificate and RoHS certificate.

Do not forget to look at the other varieties of options you need. You can get detailed information about the product by entering any model you want in the titles, you can access all the features and all technical information easily.

Rustic Led Bulb Prices

Information about our product prices is given in the product. We look into the product to see pricing information.

Are you having trouble choosing a rustic led bulb? Why do many of the models like white apples and pears sell? Do you ship products outside of Istanbul? etc. Our customer service will be happy to help you with all your questions in mind. You can reach us on 0212 244 84 23 to answer all your questions during working hours.

C35 Folded

C35 Candle


ST64 Pear

G95 Apple


G95 Straight Diamond

G110 Sharp Diamond

G95 Düryen

C80 Cone

G125 Apple

C35S Twist