Smd led projectors are available in stock. Starting from 10W, smd led projectors offer options up to 200W. All projectors have IP / 65 barrel. Our products are guaranteed for 2 years and have 150 degree light angle.

Smd led projectors are our own production under the NOAS brand and our products have the international CE certificate and RoHS certificate under NOAS brand.

The projectors vary according to the Watts they have. Select the smd led projector model you need to get detailed information about the product, the marks it has and other technical information.

Smd Led Projectors

What should I look for when selecting the Smd Led Projector? Our customer service is ready to answer all your inquiries within working hours. You can reach us on 0212 244 84 23.

SMD 10W Led Projector

20W SMD Led Projector

30W SMD Led Projector

50W SMD Led Projector

50W Capella SMD Led Projector

100W SMD Led Projector

150W SMD Led Projector

200W SMD Led Projector