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Our Environmental Policy

We are aware that protecting our world is an integral part of our business. For this reason, while we care about the quality of our products, inputs and activities, we aim to minimize their damage to the environment. We consider protecting the environment beyond legal requirements, as a sign of respect for society. Therefore;

  • Acting with the awareness of not polluting the environment instead of cleaning it, 
  • To reduce and control the factors that cause environmental destruction,
  • To improve our environmental performance and quality, 
  • To contribute to the increase of environmental awareness of our society,
  • To use global resources effectively by following the developing environmental protection systems,
  • Reducing and evaluating scrap and waste rates,
  • To eliminate pollution processes in production sources,
  • It is our goal to use raw materials that do not pose a risk to the environment by examining our products at the design stage.

Our Environmental Protection Activities

  • Maintaining air quality
  • Water pollution control
  • Waste management
  • Environmental management system
  • Informing the public 
  •  Providing trainings for all our employees

Our Energy Policy

As the NOAS family, we comply with national legislation and regulations, carry out our activities within an energy management system based on continuous development and by providing the necessary resources

In our products and all our processes;

  • Efficient use of raw materials, energy and natural resources we use,
  • Preferring energy efficient technologies and applications,
  • Supply of products and services with energy efficiency,
  • It is aimed to increase the awareness of our employees on natural resource consumption and energy efficiency.

We renew our NOAS Energy Policy in line with today's conditions and technological developments, and provide the necessary human resources and financial support for the continuous improvement of our energy performance and energy management system.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As NOAS, we use the World Class Production approach and the Proactive Occupational Safety approach and aim to protect all human resources within the boundaries of our business from injuries and health deteriorations as a result of work accidents.

To this end;

  • To meet all legal and other obligations regarding Occupational Health and Safety,
  • To adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all our employees,
  • To set targets for participation at all levels in Risk Assessment and Risk Level Reduction activities,
  • We are committed to continuously improving the Occupational Safety targets, which are reviewed according to performance records.

Our Quality Policy

As NOAS, we go beyond the needs and expectations of customers in our products and services, keep creativity at the top in all processes and develop our innovative products and services that provide social benefit. In this way, we continuously increase customer satisfaction and aim to be the most preferred lighting company in Türkiye by developing new products in new markets and existing business areas.

Customer happiness is our number "1" business.

  • Quality First. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we must have excellent product and service quality. 
  • Our customers are the focus of our business. We must always do our work with our customers in mind and to provide better quality products and services than our competitors, and we must ensure that the customer trusts us.
  • Continuous improvement is the foundation of our success. We should aim to be perfect in everything we do. To be the best in the value, reliability and timeliness of our products, our human relations, our competitiveness and our profitability, our improvement efforts must become a daily lifestyle. For this purpose, our managers determine the quality targets of our company, ensure that they are transferred to each of our employees, and determine the opportunities for improvement through regular evaluations. 
  • Teamwork is a way of life for us. We are a family. We trust and respect each other. In order to understand and support each other, we strive to provide a working environment in our company that is open, free from prejudice, and based on effective mutual communication.

Our Information Security Policy

Our company's information assets;

  • Ensuring confidentiality, integrity, accessibility, continuity and control,
  • Limiting exposure to risks that may arise from loss, deterioration or abuse, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations,
  • It aims to protect it against all kinds of threats that may occur knowingly or unknowingly, from inside or outside.

Our Information Security Policy; It includes all domestic and foreign company personnel who use our company's information or business systems, third party service providers who have access to NOAS's information in accordance with the contract, and their support personnel.

Those who use our company's IT infrastructure and access information resources:

  • They ensure the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of company information in personal and electronic communication.
  • They take the security measures determined according to their risk levels.
  • They report information security violation incidents to the Information Security Incident Manager and take measures to prevent these violations.
  • They do not transmit their internal information sources to third parties without authorization.
  • They do not use company information resources for activities contrary to laws and regulations.
  • They protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information belonging to customers, business partners, suppliers or other third parties.

Our company provides awareness trainings on information security to our employees in line with our Information Security Policy. All employees comply with the Information Security Policy and Information Security Management System (ISMS).