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Our Human Resources Approach

HR Vision

To make NOAS the most preferred company with high employee loyalty with innovative Human Resources practices.

HR Mission

In line with the company strategy, it is to develop and implement Human Resources systems that are based on equal opportunities, respect differences and ethical values, are development-oriented and support high performance.

Equality at Work in NOAS

Equality Principles Implementation Principles:

  • We offer equal opportunity in employment.
  • We exhibit human-oriented approaches in working conditions.
  • We reflect the principles of equality to the development processes.
  • We offer equal opportunities in career opportunities.
  • We act equally in the management of wages and benefits.
  • We strive to disseminate our equality principles to our stakeholders.

Technology and Innovaiton

As NOAS, we attach great importance to studies that will prioritize innovation and innovation within the company, and we reward our employees in this context.

Career and Development Opportunities

Our employees, who have rich training and development opportunities from the first day, contribute to their development by taking part in various projects and trainings. We prepare an annual development plan for each of our employees in terms of individual and technical development. Our employees participate in internal and external trainings, online trainings and certificate programs within the scope of their development plans.

Image and Prestige

As one of Turkey's largest lighting manufacturers, we offer our employees the opportunity to work in a large and reliable company. As NOAS, we aim to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers with a quality-oriented production approach, and we provide our engineers with the opportunity to produce quality and reliable products with the world's leading technologies.